Guaranteed Pass Training Package (GPP)

If you decide you would like to take your full licence and buy a new Honda or Suzuki from C J Ball, we will provide a Guaranteed Pass training package to give unlimited training until you pass both modules.  This gives a fixed price for passing your full licence, meaning you can budget for the total costs of getting a bike.

There are two ways to take advantage of this offer:

1. Decide which bike you'd like and pay a £500 deposit, then book your training at the reduced price of £499.  You will then not need to pay for any extra training, just the retake DVSA test fees.

2. Book your licence at our standard price, pay for additional training & DVSA test fees - then once you have completed the course, you can decide which bike you would like.  We will refund you any additional fees you have paid down to the £499 offer price + DVSA test fees for retakes.

Please read the following conditions for this package.

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid on all new Honda & Suzuki motorcycles and scooters over 250cc.
  • Used bikes are included only by arrangement with our Used Bike Sales manager.  For some used bike, it may not be possible to include GPP.  Please speak to Andrew for more information.
  • Bike must be purchased within 6 months of passing module 2.
  • Cannot be applied in conjunction with any other C J Ball offer or discount.
  • Cannot be applied in conjunction with ‘Price Match Deals’
  • Cannot be applied in addition to free taster session & CBT with bikes 125cc and under.
  • Packages gives unlimited training for the fixed price of our standard Module 1 & 2 course.
  • Package excludes DVSA test fees for re-take tests.  The first fee for each test is included in our standard package.  Additional test fees are payable to the DVSA.
  • Pupils must have successfully completed the CBT with C J Ball.  If the CBT has been completed elsewhere, an assessment must be carried out prior to GPP being authorised.  You may be required to complete additional 125cc training prior to the full licence course.  This will be discussed and priced on an individual basis.
  • Theory test must be passed prior to training being scheduled.
  • Students must attend all training sessions.  Late notice cancellation charges will apply if less than 7 working days’ notice is given.  Late notice cancellation fee is £100 per module plus any DVSA test fees.
  • Pupils must arrive to each training session in a fit physical and mental state to ride.  Additional charges will apply if you are unable to complete a training session.  An example of this would be if you have worked a night shift immediately before training.
  • Module 1 & module 2 must be booked in separate weeks to allow enough time for cancellation of mod 2 test if mod 1 test is not passed as planned.
  • If you insist that you require all training & tests in the same week, late notice cancellation charge will apply to module 2 if module 1 is not passed.
  • We will always try to fill cancelled sessions to avoid the need to charge late cancellation, but this is not always possible.
  • C J Ball Training reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this offer or withdraw it during a course due to safety reasons.

If you require any further information please call us on 01603 307500.