Motorcycle Training Taster Session

Book your taster session by calling 01603 307500

Price: £49.00 per training session

Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for those who have not ridden a motorbike before but are keen to experience one to see if it is for them. It is also perfect for anyone who has had a long break from riding, to allow you to experience riding again before going out on the roads alone. 

Why do I need to take a taster session?
If you have not ridden a bike before or have had a break since you last rode, it is really helpful for our instructors to assess your skill level without pressure and see how you feel about riding. This improves your safety and that of others around you. The taster session is an invaluable introduction to biking and will make the CBT and further training more enjoyable.

What is involved?
An instructor will be at hand at all times and will guide you through your new biking experience at a pace suitable for you. We will use our on-site training facility, where you will have the chance to try out a bike in safe conditions and will be taught the basic skills needed to control and ride a motorcycle, without the pressure of going
on the road.

Most students find that one session is enough to give you the skills and confidence to take the next step of the CBT.  If you need another session, that’s no problem, you can keep taking taster sessions until you and your instructor agree that you are ready for the CBT.

PLEASE NOTE: We insist on this for anyone who has not ridden before or in some circumstances, if there has been a long break since riding regularly. 

If you are not sure if you will need a motorcycle taster session, please do call us on 01603 307500 to discuss, we're always happy to help!