Level Service Price List

Please note: These prices cater for most bikes over 5 years old.*
Prices are inc. VAT but excluding parts

*For current models, please call us for a more accurate quote.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Singles £72.00 £108.00 £180.00
In-line Twins £100.80 £129.00 £288.00
4 Cyl. & V Twins £100.80 £180.00 £396.00

These prices are applicable to both Suzuki and Honda models.

Level 3 VTEC VFR800  £499 + parts
Level 3 VFR1200X/F £399.00 + parts
Level 3 GL1800 £449.00 + parts

Valve Clearance Adjustments
L3 services include valve inspection, adjustments will be charged as follows:

  • Non shimmed engines: no additional charge for adjustment.
  • Shimmed engines: Labour to adjust will be charged at £60 per hour to a maximum of 3 hours.

Please Note: The prices above do not include parts, for a complete quotation including parts, please call on 01603 307500 or fill in our contact form Click Here