Level Service Price Guide

Please use the information below as a guide for the cost of servicing for your motorcycle. If you are still within your warranty period, please call us for an accurate quote. To remain within the term of your warranty, you must stick to the manufacturer maintenance schedule which can include some additional checks to our standard level servicing.

The prices below include parts & VAT.  We are happy to tailor a service to your particular requirements, just give us a call to discuss on 01603 307500

Level Services

View Level Service Checklists here [+]


Big Bike

Small Bike

Level 1: Annual service & comprehensive health check

from £149

from £99

Level 2: L1 + air filter & brake fluid change

from £249

from £159

Level 3: L2 + coolant + valve check + spark plugs*

from £499

from £279

*please call for iridium plugs

Individual Items

Motorcycle MOT £29.65
Brake Service (per caliper) from £25
  Big Bike Small Bike
Coolant Change from £59 from £49
Brake Fluid Change from £49 from £39
Air Filter Change from £59 from £39
Spark Plug Change from £79* from £19
Valve Clearances Please call
*please call for iridium plugs