Motorcycle Full Licence Training

CJ Ball is proud to offer a dedicated motorcycle training school, giving customers the opportunity to begin or advance their riding skills and complete their motorcycle training with a reputable and approved riding school. Whether you're looking to complete your A2 or A licence, we've got a selection of options to ensure the easiest, most convenient method of getting you the licence for your new ride.

Check out our options and pricing below to determine the best route for you. 

Full Licence Category Options:

  • Direct Access 'A' Licence - unrestricted – for anyone 24+
  • A2 licence - up to 35KW or 47BHP  – for those aged 19-23 years
  • Progressive Access 'A' licence - unrestricted - from 21 years if you have had A2 for two years (A2-A upgrade).
  • A1 licence (125cc) - available from £290.50 including test fees


Step 1: Before booking the full licence course, you must have a valid CBT certificate. Click here for details [+]

Step 2: Theory & hazard perception £23 Click here to book [+]

Step 3: Full licence taster session:

  • £99.00 (lesson with our instructor on a big bike plus x1 day 125cc hire for extra practice).
  • Available on full power or A2 bike.
  • If you already have your own 125cc bike and have 6 months experience the big bike taster session will be £50.

Motorcycle Full Licence Training Package

Step 4: Module 1

  • Day 1:   Mod 1 training
  • Day 2:   Mod 1 training & test day
  • DSA Test Fee: (£15.50) included

Total £299.00

Step 5: Module 2

  • Day 1: Mod 2 training
  • Day 2: Mod 2 training & test day
  • DSA Test Fee: (£75.00) included

Total £349.00


New Bike & Motorcycle Training Offer:

Buy a new Honda or Suzuki from C J Ball & get the Module 1 & 2 courses for £499 with unlimited training – our Guaranteed Pass Package. Plus get a free Safe Rider course after your test.

Click here to view offers [+]

View terms of the Guaranteed Pass Package [+]

Novice Additions

  • Extra Mod 1 training – £85.00
  • Extra Mod 2 training – £125.00

One to One additional training: Minimum of 2-hour booking required (£50 per hour)


The practical motorcycle test is taken in two parts. Module 1 is a series of set manoeuvres and module 2 consists of the road riding session.

Module 1 - Manoeuvres

We have a large off-road training area on which we are able to replicate the module one test layout.  The module one test itself takes place at the Norwich Multi Purpose Test Centre in Thorpe St Andrews.  A course is laid out to enable the examiner to test all the manoeuvres you have practised at our training area.  You will have plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the layout of the test and practice the required skills.

Module 2 - Road Riding

This part of the test takes place on road with the DSA examiner following behind and giving instructions via a radio headset.  You will ride the same power bike you have been using for your training and module one test.  This is an assessment of your ability to use the public roads safely.    The U-turn and emergency stop are now conducted during the module one test, which means the module two road test is not disrupted by these set-piece manoeuvres.  As a consequence, most people have found the module two test easier than in the past.

Before you can start your motorcycle full licence training you must have completed a CBT course  & theory test within the last two years. These certificates must not run out before you have successfully completed both module one and module two.


“I have just passed my full bike test thanks to the help of Stuart and everyone else at CJ Ball. Thank you so much, I have enjoyed it a lot and you have done a great job to get me through the test and have been very kind ( I have been rather a disaster). A wonderful, professional, caring business. I can’t recommend CJ Balls highly enough.”

“Passed full bike licence with ease, all in one price which made budgeting easy. Instructor tailored training to you and made every part an enjoyable experience”

“From start to finish these guys are worthy of at least 5 stars! From an encouraging and fun taster session to an inspirational CBT and a fantastic Mod 1 & Mod 2 (Direct Access, Category A) I enjoyed every minute of my training. Every instructor I had was excellent and I deeply appreciated their uncanny ability to instil self-confidence and make every minute of serious learning fun. Being part of a dealership, every bike I rode was in great condition and very well maintained. The positive, down to earth, ‘just do it’ attitude from EVERYONE I met here makes it ALL possible. Excellent value for money. Thank you!”

“Big thanks to Stuart and the rest of the team for getting me through all the training and all the tests after a gap of 30 years of not riding a motorbike! Cheers.”

“Brilliant team & attitude!!Done CBT and full A-licence training year after with them.”

“Passed full bike licence with ease, all in one price which made budgeting easy. Instructor tailored training to you and made every part an enjoyable experience”

“I visited Cj Ball on wednesday just to get an idea about the CBT, I personally haven’t ridden a motorbike for 25 years! The service and advice that I received in the showroom was excellent, 20 minutes later I was booked on the course for the next morning! Without going into too much detail, the 2 instructors we were taken out with were so good at what they did that they made me relax and enjoy the experience! Furthermore, I passed! A huge thank you to Chris who explained everything to me in the showroom and a massive thank you to Colin who had the patience to get me through!I will certainly be back for the next part of my training as the service and experience of these guys is excellent!Great job, thanks!”